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Human Resource Management (HRM)

…because your employees are a strategicfactor.

Employee administration is a challenge. Wages are among one of the most sensitive areas and your staff expects discrete handling of the salaries. The statutory provisions relating to employee insurance are becoming increasingly complex. With a comprehensive tailored solution for your business, we handle your payroll and personnel administration efficiently and confidentially.

We offer services such as:

  • Payroll incl. booking lists for your accounting department (accounts, cost centre and summarized amounts, accounting to your preferences)
  • Settlement with all the social and personal insurance
  • Wage statement
  • Creating personal regulation and expense regulation – also approved by the local tax authorities
  • Adapting the master data of your employees
  • Mutation messages to social partners and insurances
  • Investigations with authorities and other parties involved, so that everything is correct

If you prefer to keep these services in house for confidentiality reasons, we’d be pleased to support you with your own IT-system.